You will NEVER be paid what you’re worth

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I don’t believe it’s possible to be paid what you’re worth because you are worthy beyond measure.

If you use anything – money earned, level of success, number of clients, material possessions, accomplishments, etc. – as a measure of your value then you open the possibility for not being worthy. You can at any time decide that you are not enough based on the circumstances.

Instead, I encourage you to decide that you are of eternal value and worth. Your value never ends. There are no limits. And it’s unconditional.

It’s an absolute statement – “You are worthy.”

No ifs or buts.

Now that you’re self-esteem is no longer tied to your income level, you have the freedom to charge whatever you choose for your services and products without getting into self-judgment.  Ask your heart how much to price your offerings.

How much you make no longer defines who you are.


Now it’s your turn…

How does it make you feel to recognize that your income level doesn’t need to define your self-worth? Please comment below.

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