Grace Quantock shares her story about how she came to believe that she was ‘not good enough’ and what she did to feel more empowered. Grace is a wellness provocateur, writer, ethical entrepreneur and sick chick going global! She helps people that are chronically sick and want to heal. To learn more about Grace, visit [...]

If you’ve ever felt ‘not-enough‘, you’ll want to listen to this interview with PJ Ferguson. PJ grew up in an environment where ¬†turmoil and anger was a frequent experience. He believed that he was not enough until one day he couldn’t take in anymore. Listen to this touching story and share it with whomever else [...]

Why Stand Up Be Recognized?

by Nat Couropmitree · 0 comments

Within the last several months, the following words kept on coming to me during my coaching conversations with clients: ¬†‘Stand Up – Be Recognized’. Why these words? What do they really mean? My clients (holistic practitioners) come to me because they want to enjoy more success in their business without experiencing any of the usual [...]