“Feeling Invisible? Finally Gain the Respect and Recognition You and Your Business Deserve” In this 100% FREE training you’ll discover… How feeling invisible keeps you working hard in struggle mode Why more marketing and knowledge are rarely the answers to increased visibility What needs to shift in you to attract more clients and recognition And [...]

Episode 4: Emotional Strength Topics Covered: 1. Letting go of perfection 2. You can’t hide 3. Embrace your vulnerabilities   Please let me know what you think of today’s episode by commenting below. Join my Facebook page at Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.   This week’s listener shout-outs go to: Wendy Tuttle, Christina Hudson, [...]

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed often, it is a good sign that you are operating from a place of lack. Here are the common symptoms: You are not present; you’re thinking about the past or worrying about the future You often don’t know what happened to your money or time You find yourself thinking [...]

This is the 3rd interview in my ‘You ARE Enough’ series. Here I interview Mikaya Heart who is a life coach and award-winning author who writes on subjects as varied as orgasm, lesbianism, shamanism, sports and politics. Mikaya shares how she came to believe that she was ‘not enough’ and what she did to feel [...]

Why Stand Up Be Recognized?

by Nat Couropmitree · 0 comments

Within the last several months, the following words kept on coming to me during my coaching conversations with clients:  ‘Stand Up – Be Recognized’. Why these words? What do they really mean? My clients (holistic practitioners) come to me because they want to enjoy more success in their business without experiencing any of the usual [...]