Nat Couropmitree (pronounced Ca-ROPE-mi-tree) supports holistic professionials to feel like they can finally relax yet also be successful and make a significant impact doing what they love most.

He is the creator of the ‘Claim Your Peace among the Chaos’ CD program and has presented dozens of workshops in the Boston area and in other states. He will soon be launching a webinar series, in partnership with Holistic Globe Networks, called “Jump Start Your Holistic Business” to help holistic practitioners enjoy business success without the stress.

Nat has a gift for helping his clients to see the root cause of their frustrations, challenges and struggles and then effectively empowers them to shift easily away from those patterns. He then supports his clients to reinforce and expand their new and improved reality by helping them to develop new self-nurturing habits.

Nat has partnered with Alan Powell and Kim DaSilva of Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center, LLC in Topsfield, MA to help provide a one stop shop for your personal transformation.

With everything that Nat does, he makes sure to create quality time for him and his wife, Olga. They enjoy ballroom dancing, hiking, trying new restaurants, and travel with several fun trips planned this year (2012) to Miami, San Francisco, Crestone, Thailand, Chicago and Toronto.

Previous Creations

Nat had previously hosted 2 online radio shows. You can click on the links below to listen to each of the episodes.

He spent time as a Thai Buddhist novice monk before he enrolled in college.

Nat learned to meditate when he was very young because his father believed in it so much. One day during a summer flag-football game with friends, Nat got an asthma attack.  He took a break and instead of using his inhaler, he decided to meditate and see if he could alleviate his symptoms. It worked! He was so excited because he didn’t want to depend on medication the rest of his life. That was the beginning of a journey toward a medication-free life. Now he doesn’t have asthma and hasn’t relied on any pharmaceutical medication for many many years.

After graduate school, Nat used to compete in ballroom dance competitions as an amateur and also briefly as a professional just after he married Olga, who now owns an Arthur Murray Dance Center in Natick, MA. Here are a few of his trophies that are stored away. (Ha! He’s never shared this with anyone before.)

Nat is published in several medical journals as a result of the research he did when he worked for Boston University School of Medicine doing Genetic Epidemiology. (Google search ‘N N Couropmitree’)

He has held very diverse positions – all of which he credits for who he has become today.

  • Genetic Epidemiology Associate
  • Senior Utilization Analyst with a local Boston HMO
  • Internet  Sales Person for a local car dealership (this didn’t last very long!)
  • Health Insurance Sales
  • Debt Relief Sales
  • Cutco Sales Rep
  • Holistic Exercise Instructor

Formal and Informal Education

  • BA in Anthropology, University of Chicago
  • MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology and Health Services, Boston University School of Public Health
  • Coaching from Spirit Institute
  • Life
  • Many Energy Healing Teachers

Nat’s Story

At a very young age, I remember asking myself, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” Through my high school, college and grad school years, I kept on asking myself these questions and often found no real value in my existence.

Because of the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem that were so profound in my life at that time, I strove to improve myself, taking class after class, reading book after book to develop myself and find meaning. I invested a lot of money in myself.

But because I didn’t believe in myself, no program was successful in helping me get what I wanted.  I would stop myself each time.

I always felt I needed more training, that somehow more training was going to get me out there and do the work. But what stopped me every time was my fear that people were going to discover I was a fake. I cared so much what other people thought of me. And what I thought people were thinking wasn’t good for me. So I believed more training, more education would take care of my lack of self-confidence.

During this same period of my life, I jumped into a number of business opportunities. I would join one because of what it promised me – freedom, more time, financial wealth. I believed that if I could just create a successful business then I would have the money to support my family; I would have more time to spend with them; I would have the freedom to do anything I wanted.

Unfortunately, the first business didn’t work out for me. It was too hard, I said. I found another one, and another one and another one. I was a biz opp junkie. The problem was that each one was not what they had promised. Well that’s what I thought. But the truth was that I was again afraid. I was afraid of rejection. I was afraid of doing things that made me feel uncomfortable. I was afraid of not being perfect. And so I didn’t do them and found whatever little hope I could get in other things.

I continued this pattern in my life for many years. It was heart-breaking. I kept retreating in the face of fear and the unknown. I didn’t have the courage to see what was on the other side of this BIG wall I put up for myself.

One day, one of my mentors, asked me, “Nat, don’t you want to know what’s on the other side? Aren’t you tired of giving up?”

I was. I was tired of living my life this way. I was tired of not having any trust in myself, tired of feeling alone, feeling misunderstood, feeling unworthy, feeling underappreciated and taken for granted. I was tired of living in fear.

And so I began my journey into facing myself, facing my fears, looking at my beliefs, looking at my past experiences and noticing all the patterns and themes. And through this process, I met my True Self, the Divine being that I am. I connected to the essence of me and life changed from that point on. I discovered that who I thought I was, was just one model and that I could change this model.

I learned that how our lives look like now are created based on the energy vibrations of our thoughts, beliefs and past experiences. So, when I became aware of this, I simply changed my life by uncovering the patterns I had that were limiting my experience and replacing them with ones that worked ‘better’ for me.

I am a different person now because I changed my perception of me. Most people who meet me now can’t believe that I used to be ‘someone else’. My life today is filled with joy, abundance, fun, freedom, and great friendships. I feel supported, appreciated and valued. And I have the confidence and trust that I can move through any new challenges with grace.

It is my passion and soul’s purpose to help YOU let go of your perceived limitations and teach you the tools that will support you to feel empowered, confident and at peace.

Take a moment and imagine…

  • How would you feel if you knew you no longer had to struggle to survive?
  • What would you be doing if you were confident in yourself?
  • What would be different in your life if you weren’t afraid of the unknown?
  • What would your life look like if you had enough time and money?

Truly anything is possible. The questions I encourage you to ask yourself are:

  1. What do YOU really want?
  2. Are you ready to give yourself permission to have it?

Please call me for a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Most sincerely,

Nat Couropmitree